Lanitis Milk – It’s not just milk

Re-Launch Campaign

Project Details

  • Client Lanitis Milk
  • Date June , 2017

It's not just milk

In 2017, our stategic goal was to communicate the new label and logo. The campaign was focused on communicating the change, while at the same time the messages conveyed were used on capitalizing on the brands' values (heritage, quality, taste, trust) with a very simple yet very clever way. In reality, as a brand we had nothing new to say even from last year's launch, apart from the change in label & logo. Our campaign showcases the streangth of communication, in conjuction with the power of a well-thought message. The creative approach was simple but to the point and managed to bring forward many positive comments from consumers through our SM platform. The client is still monitoring the effect on market share, but the challenge of Lanitis Milk in saying the same thing in a different & clever way, was met.

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