Who we are

Established in 1995, Partners is one of a few, full communication agencies in Cyprus. In 2004, after years of progressive advertising and a working association with Y&R, we became official affiliates and proud members of the Y&R network, establishing ourselves as a forward moving full service agency. With the mission to be the most creative advertising agency in Cyprus, our very first steps were to intensely distinguish our work and create a breakthrough in the local Cyprus market. Differentiation, creativity, simplicity and the unique sense of design in combination with the in-depth market analysis and well-targeted strategic marketing constitutes the true character of Partners/ Y&R. A character adopted and developed by a team of some of the best communication professionals in the field, all with the same strive for excellence. We are Partners; Partners with our clients, with society, with the rapidly progressing world of advertising, but most of all, partners amongst ourselves. A tightly bound team, aiming to offer our continuously increasing knowledge and continuously developing creativity and always aspiring to transform innovative ideas into effective results.

Partners philosophy: Proud to be a Partner

‘Partners Y&R’ a consciously chosen name that conceals an entire philosophy of life. A philosophy, that has in turn, also become a way of life and affects all the ‘partners’ that are in any way related to the company: Clients, collaborators, our team and even the general public – the society in which we live. This philosophy, simply and simultaneously deeply essential, incorporates the significance of mutual gain and respect, and constitutes an integral piece of Partners Y&R character and diversity. At a time where the word ‘I’ is predominant, we continue to create the true meaning of ‘us’. A genuine team spirit!

Life is a partnership

An essential part of our philosophy is Corporate Social Responsibility. Our CSR umbrella slogan ‘Life is a Partnership’ is inspired by our values. We give back to society and contribute to the protection of the environment by taking small actions that can make a big difference. Partners Y&R contributes to the “Sophia Foundation for Children” in Kenya, the “Archbishop Loucas Foundation” for children with special needs, “Blood Donation”, the “71 Scouts Troop” in Kaimakli – Nicosia and finally, through the programme “Partners Think Green”, we contribute to the protection of the environment. In 2014 Partners officially initiated the Partners Volunteer Scheme in order to support and engage all Partners team members in CSR causes of their individual preference and interest.

Affiliation with Y&R

Young and Rubicam is one of the largest advertising networks in the world. Having more than 30 years experience in integrated marketing, with emphasis on the ‘advertising’ sector, Y&R’s success lies in its persistence to overcome barriers and continuously add value to the final result, structuring and developing market leaders.
Y&R’s philosophy and professional activity is tightly bound to those, set by Partners, and the Networks’ aims serve our strategic insights completely.
Some of the most basic benefits, which follow this alliance, for both our clients and us include:
Sharing an International Databank of Experience. Every Y&R member is electronically connected to a huge databank of information. Here, the whole network shares ideas, knowledge, research results and above all, talent. In this way every product in every part of the world can easily benefit from this great source of information.
Acquiring Sufficient Tools. Y&R adamantly invests in creating business tools, which aim to further enhance the communications industry. These tools include the predominant Brand Asset Valuators used for building and managing brands, one of the most extensive research programs on branding ever taken.
Training Opportunities. Y&R’s network includes a well organized training program around the globe, including conferences, seminars and workshops coordinated by high-ranking officers of the network itself. These educational programs cover every field of advertising and are carried out in various countries.
Access to the Global Market, thinning out international barriers, and becoming closer to the global market, this affiliation gives to Partners the opportunity to use one of the largest global networks to benefit their clients anywhere in the work quickly and effectively. This affiliation truly allows us to offer a ‘glocalized’ communication strategy to our clients.


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